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Triple Card Poker

General Rules

Triple Card Poker has two independent ways of betting. One is the Pairsplus bet and the other is the standard Ante play. The player can choose to wager on either one, both and in different amounts. Both games are based on a hand consisting of three cards. The hand ranking is similar to poker with the exception that a straight is harder to get than a flush. See hand ranking below:

Straight Flush
Three of a Kind
High Card

Pairsplus is a simple game where the player is dealt three cards. The dealer is also dealt three cards but in this wager, the dealer's cards are irrelevant. There is no rasing or discarding with this wager. The result of the player's hand pays out according to the pay out chart. Click on "View Payouts" in the game to view the pay out chart.

Ante and Play
The player begins play by placing a wager on the Ante spot. The player is then dealt three cards at which point the player can either choose to raise or fold. A raise is equal to the player's original wager. If the player chooses to fold he/she folds his/her hand and loses the original wager.

If the player decides to raise, then he/she goes against the dealer's hand. The dealer needs at least a Queen high to qualify. If the dealer's hand doesn't qualify, the player wins the Ante bet at 1:1 and the raise bet pushes. If the dealer does qualify and beats the player's hand, then the player loses both bets. If the dealer's hand does qualify and the player's hand has a higher rank then the dealer's hand then player is paid out on both the Ante and the Raise. If the dealer qualifies and the dealer ties the player, then both wagers push.

In addition, the Ante wager has a bonus that does not depend on the dealer's hand. Click on the "View Payouts" in the game to see how this pays.

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