Simeone put Koke in the offensive – is the key team
Simeone put Koke in the offensive – is the key team

Sum 21 goals in eight games. Simeone has turned to attacking football, supported by a change in the double pivot: Koke pushes the attack.

The double pivot failed. Simeone began with double pivot and tied with Alaves (1-1) and Leganés (0-0). Despite top 16 times (6 to door) on the first day, only he scored Gameiro. In the second, the balance was worse: only 10 shots (3 door) and drought in Butarque. Simeone had to think.

Koke propellant. In Vigo, Simeone got to Koke with Gabi in the middle. Koke it was pouring gasoline on the attack and open spaces on the wing for long flounces. With 13 kills (6 door) scored Koke, two Griezmann and Correa. The second line ‘wet’ against Celta for the 0-4. It appeared the right formula.

16 goals in 5 games. With Koke in the middle Simeone has mounted an environment of fast players: Griezmann, Correa, Carrasco and Gameiro or Torres. The method is simple, with a very strong central defense, the tireless support of Gabi as first broom, a constant pressure rival, steal and endiablada output. From that revival of Vigo, Atletico has scored 16 goals in 5 games.

Much goal spread. In the past year, on the eighth day, they had scored eight players, like this year. The difference is that now Griezmann is not the only one who gets it right. Also they are arriving at Carrasco Correa, Gameiro … Many offensive players profile area.

Percentages. With respect to the previous season, Atletico is 43% more scorer in the eight league matches (21 goals by 12); has risen 15% total kills (119 by 102); has increased by 36% its shots on goal (54 by 35). Now is 14 shots per game and 2.6 league goals per game.

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