Germany vs Brazil – Rio 2016
Germany vs Brazil – Rio 2016

Today, at 23:30, we boys final, a match that everyone was waiting, reprinting the World Cup semifinals two years ago, Brazil – Germany. The perfect opportunity for revenge hosts after that humiliating 1-7.

Brazil has a moral duty towards supporters after the disappointment against Germany, at home, at the World Cup two years ago, and after the removal of early American Copa Centenario, since the group stage. Maybe lot is not the same, but the “colors” are everything. Only five players are evolving outside Brazil in the squad, but we must consider that we are talking of a selected U23, allowed three exceptions to the rule. Rafinha (Barcelona), Marquinhos (PSG), Renato Augusto (Beijing Guoan), Felipe Anderson (Lazio) and Neymar (Barcelona), of course. Four years ago, all the field Neymar, Brazil lost the final to Mexico, 1-2. That once during the entire competition, had scored three goals in each match.

Now, the beginning was slow, even modest. Two results of 0-0 with South Africa and Iraq, and Brazilians would not necessarily need to win against the Danes. It has happened, in a way even euphoric, 4-0. Easy it was and final quarterfinal match against Colombia 2-0. Semifinal and put face to face with an opponent Brazilians surprise, Honduras. Neymar’s goal in the second 15 helped him to secure an easy victory, 6-0 score and the game seems a trend ascending Brazil, even though it had a more modest opponents.

Germany is the first Olympics after the fall of the Berlin Wall. German coach called one player activating abroad, Gnabry (Arsenal), otherwise the only players in the domestic league. Among them are distinguished but Bender brothers, Max Meyer, Brandt or Goretzka. Germany finished third European final and thus came to Rio.

Two draws and a win pulled the Germans in the group stage, a 2-2 Mexico 3-3 against South Korea and Fiji a crushing victory with a score of 10-0. It followed another correction applied in “quarters”, this time the Portuguese 4-0, to victory in the semifinals against Nigeria to be work, but the net result was also inconclusive, 2-0. Obviously, the Germans have the best offense in the Olympics.

Meet bands with the most goals scored. Unlike the Brazilians, who have kept their goal intact, the Germans received five goals in the group stage. However, the home side have definitely defensive-put and the context in which they met modest opponents, especially on the offensive phase. However, I have seen times when it trembled several times. The Germans ordered a powerful attack line and, personally, would be a big surprise if both teams would able to score today. Day ticket must include this dispute.

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