CHELSEA vs LEICESTER 3-0 Diego Costa asked Conte changed but ignored him
CHELSEA vs LEICESTER 3-0 Diego Costa asked Conte changed but ignored him

“I am that I decide. If I keep in the party is because I need your passion. I knew I risked to receive a yellow, but it is important,” said the coach.

Diego Costa, Chelsea striker Saturday asked his coach, Antonio Conte, change midway through the second half of the match against Leicester (3-0) to avoid receiving a yellow card that will prevent the crash play next week Manchester United.

The Spanish-Brazilian, 28, came to the match against Leicester with four accumulated yellow, so, seeing a new board would have had to serve a one-match ban.

Midway through the second half of the clash on Saturday, with the score 2-0 for the home -Costa scored the first of two goals-, the Spanish international made angry gestures repeatedly change hands, but the coach ignored request forward.

“If I can, I keep (on the pitch) until the end. I know it’s a risk, a yellow card or a hypothetical injury, but I’m the one who decides,” Conte said at the press conference after the shock.

“You have to understand that this team is a player with personality. I know I took a risk, because if he received another yellow clash with Manchester United would be lost. For me it is a very important player,” added the Italian while categorically he denied a confrontation with the Spanish-Brazilian.

“I am the one who decided to change. And I who accepts responsibility in all situations, positive or negative. The decision is mine,” he continued.

This Saturday, in the first match of the eighth round of the Premier League, Chelsea, with goals from Eden Hazard, Victor Moses and Costa own, thrashed Leicester 3-0 in the duel of the last two champions of the Premier League.

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